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Hills and Country Paediatric Dentistry was built around our mission to provide the highest quality, individualised care to paediatric and special needs patients within our community. We look forward to the opportunity for our family to care for yours.

Get to know
Dr Gabrielle Smart (Allen)

“Hi, I am Gabrielle. I was born and raised in the South East, and only now after 10+ years, consider myself a self proclaimed hills local. I completed my Bachelor of Dental Surgery with a concurrent Bachelor of Applied Science in Dentistry (Honours) at the University of Adelaide in 2010. I have since completed a Doctorate in Clinical Dentistry (Paediatric Dentistry), also at the University of Adelaide in 2015. I am a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons in both General and Specialist Dental Practice. I worked at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital as a Consultant Paediatric Dentist until 2023 and have now taken on the dream of my own practice with the support of my husband Jimmy and two young children. Away from work I enjoy time with family, horse riding, water skiing and pottering with the kids in the veggie patch. I look forward to the opportunity to get to know you and your family.”

What we do

What is a Paediatric Dentist?

A Paediatric Dentist is a General Dental Practitioner who has undergone years of further post-graduate training to provide the knowledge and skills required to be registered as a Specialist Paediatric Dentist in Australia. This training is often hospital based to ensure that they can provide the highest quality of dental care tailored to the varying needs of this dynamic population.

Should my child see a Paediatric Dentist?

Not all children need to be seen by a Paediatric Dentist. However, many are referred for specialist care of a specific diagnosis or treatment need. Likewise, some children may find it difficult to cope in the general setting or some families may simply choose to see a Paediatric Dentist for all of their children’s routine dental care. Although a specialist service, a referral is not necessary.

What services are available?

Hills and Country Paediatric Dentistry provides a range of diagnostic, radiographic, preventative, restorative and minor surgical services including trauma management for children of all ages. We have access to relative analgesia (happy gas) and general anaesthesia to assist with the provision of safe and comfortable dental care to foster positive dental experiences.

Patient Information

We accept all recognised health funds and accept the Medicare Child Dental Benefit Schedule (CDBS) for eligible patients and services. We also accept the National Dental Plan and ZipPay as a finance solution for approved courses or care. Hicaps facilities are available for on the day claiming.


Our administration team is led by our Practice Manager Mollie and all staff pride themselves on being friendly and approachable. We are here to provide any further information you may need so please don’t hesitate to call us 08 8151 3939 or drop a line over email to if we can be of any assistance.


We offer a comprehensive range of dental services from prevention through to extractions for paediatric patients both referred and non referred to our care both in the clinic and hospital setting. We accept new patients, have short waiting times and no referral is required. Click here for a list of services available.

The best part of our day is seeing the smiles on your children’s faces after they have had a positive dental experience. Click here to see some patient testimonials from the parents of a few of our happy patients.

Patient Resources

We have developed our own toothbrushing comic to communicate the importance of maintaining oral health to our adolescent patients. You can download your own copy below. Referral forms, patient registration forms and history update forms are available from our e-forms library to complete from the comfort of your own home.

Frequently asked questions

When do I start brushing my child’s teeth?


It is recommended that you start cleaning your child’s gums either with a cloth or soft toothbrush and water prior to the first tooth erupting. When your child starts to get teeth continue to brush with a soft tooth brush and introduce a smear of toothpaste at 18 months as per Australian Fluoride Guidelines. Note: your oral health specialist may recommend an modified fluoride program for your child based on their individual decay risk.

When does my child need to see a dentist?


It is recommended that your child visits a dentist by their first birthday or around the time of eruption of their first tooth (which ever comes first). However, please do not feel uncomfortable making your first appointment if your child is much older than this. We see first time patients of all ages and love the privilege of sharing this experience with your family.

Do I need a referral and how do I book an appointment?


No referral is needed to come and see us at Hills and Country Paediatric Dentistry. Some patients are referred by their dentist or therapist to have a particular concern addressed and others may just choose to come and see us themselves.

You can book your child in online here

You can phone us on 08 8151 3939 or you can email us here

How do I prepare my child for their appointment?


We use some specific words or cues when talking to children during their appointments. Some children do very well when introduced to the idea of having their teeth counted by the dentist prior to coming in. When confident enough, your child will be asked to sit in the dental chair and wear sunglasses so that the torch (light) is not so bright. There will also be a dental assistant helping the dentist to care for your child. We may also take pictures (x-rays) of teeth if we need to have a look between the teeth more closely. We will always talk about everything and support your child throughout their appointment. We are also very transparent regarding our fees and are happy to check your Child Dental Benefit Schedule status beforehand to save you time at your appointment.

My child has special needs or is anxious about their visit, what else can I do?


We are very happy for families to visit the rooms to familiarise themselves prior to an appointment. You are welcome to do this anytime during hours. However, there are some times in the week that are quieter that we can let you know about if you contact us to pencil a familiarisation in. All patient registration information is available to complete online prior to attending, so that you are all organised and set to go. If your child may benefit from a video tour of the practice, please click here.

I am anxious about my child’s visit what should I do?


It is very common for parents, particularly if they are concerned their child has a treatment need and or have had a difficult experience themselves, to be anxious about their child’s dental visit. If this is the case for your family, please let us know. You can do this at the time of booking or confirming, or if you would prefer you can send us an email here. If we are aware we can do our best to support you too.

What happens when my child turns 18?


We pride ourselves in helping your child develop the knowledge and skills they need to look after their teeth for life. It is our proudest moment to help your child transition to adult dental care knowing that they are fully equipped and motivated to care for their smile. Depending on the child, the transition process can start in the early permanent dentition or may wait until later in the teens.